Falls are not a normal part of aging— they can be prevented!

physical therapist helping senior man walk using walker

All adults, aged 65 and over, are at risk for a fall. There are simple things all seniors can do to keep from falling and to stay independent longer.

Talk to your healthcare providers

  • Tell your physician, caregiver, or loved ones if you have fallen, if you feel unsteady when standing or walking, or if you’re afraid you might fall.
  • Ask your physician or pharmacist to review your medicines to see if any might increase your risk
  • Ask your physician about health conditions (like depression or osteoporosis) that can increase your risk.
  • Ask your physician to check your eyes at least once a year and update lenses as needed.

Make your home safer

  • Get rid of trip hazards. Keep floors clutter free.
  • Add grab bars in the bathroom.
  • Have handrails and lights installed on all staircases.
  • Install automatic lights in bathrooms, hall and stairways.

Stay active

  • Exercise regularly. Keep your legs stronger and improve your balance with low-impact yoga or Tai Chi.


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