July 30th is International Day of Friendship: Happy Friendships

Our emotions are reflected in our body language, and our state of mind can change by changing our physical state. When we demonstrate a happy, engaging attitude, we help to improve the moods and relationships of those around us.

By listening, we make the other person feel important. Are we always talking about our own life, or do we also listen to others? Listening is the best way to make your friends happy. We also can help them feel content and relieved. Listen carefully, and your friends will be thankful that someone heard them out without interruption. You will also ensure a stronger friendship.

Give and you shall receive. Apply this law in your life to friends and family. You can make them happy by telling them about how much you appreciate their friendship.

Listening to your friends, keeping a positive state of mind in their company, and appreciating their conversations will result in happy friendships.

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