Letter from the Administrator

Dear Employees, Residents and Families:

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay Turner and effective 1/11/2018, I am the new administrator at Fordsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Originally from Ohio County, I am excited to come back to my roots! In July 2017, after completing an AIT (Administrator in Training) program at Twin Rivers Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, I planted my feet in Henderson in the role of administrator. Although successful in Henderson, I felt it heavy on my heart to return to Fordsville. You see, this is where it all began for me. I had been a CNA since 2006, however my first department head role was right here at FNRC. I had no experience when I became Business Office Manager and quite frankly was scared beyond words to take on such a big responsibility. However, after a while, it just became second nature and I tackled the job. I was very dedicated in my role as BOM, but I truly was not able to do my best without the support of my co-workers. We were a team and that is what I envision when I think of Fordsville. Therefore, coming back was an easy decision for me.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a huge resident advocate. The way the residents are treated and spoken to is of the upmost importance to me. This is their home and we should treat it as such. Secondly, I have worked in Long Term Care as a CNA for over 12 years. There is not anything that I ask of my employees that I would not be willing to do myself. I truly know that the floor staff work very hard and I appreciate you for the hard work and sacrifices you make on a daily basis. And lastly, I am a very transparent person, as I like for others to be open with me. My door is always open if you would like to address an issue, concern or more importantly, a praise. We too often forget to let others know the good things we enjoy in the workplace. I encourage you to let your fellow team members know how it makes you feel when they do a great job! We spend more time at work, often times more than we see our families and a “thank you” or a kind smile can really go a long way!

I look forward to the future here at Fordsville Nursing and Rehab. Inevitably, things will change. But with change—comes growth. In any given moment, we have two options—to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. I have a vision for the building and I appreciate your trust thus far. Again, I am always open to suggestions along the way. Thank you again for welcoming me back to the facility. It is so good to be HOME!

Best Regards,

Lindsay Turner, Administrator

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