10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day on Sept. 10

older man with white beard, teaching grandson how to play guitar

Grandparents Day offers an opportunity for families to honor and appreciate the unique bond they share with their grandparents, and express gratitude for their unwavering support, guidance, and unconditional love throughout the years. This day serves as a reminder to spend quality time with grandparents and make memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

  1. Family Gathering: Host a family gathering or virtual get-together to celebrate and honor grandparents.
  2. Q & A: Prepare questions for grandchildren and grandparents to ask each other and record a video of their stories and experiences for future generations.
  3. Memory Lane: Create a photo album or scrapbook showcasing cherished memories.
  4. Crafts: Engage in fun crafts with grandkids, making personalized gifts or cards for their grandparents.
  5. Play Games Together: Grab Connect Four, Uno, Cribbage, or Battleship off the shelf and have fun competing against each other.
  6. Video Call: If not physically together, have a virtual video call to spend quality time with grandparents.
  7. Outdoor Adventure: Take grandparents on a nature walk, picnic, or visit a local attraction they enjoy.
  8. Share Family History: Learn more about the family’s heritage and history by listening to grandparents’ stories.
  9. Send a Card: Send flowers, a card, or photos to grandparents who may be far away. Encourage young grandchildren to make a drawing or color a picture to send.
  10. Share a meal together. Stop by for lunch or schedule a time to take them out for dinner or ice cream and simply spend a few hours together.
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