Happy Birthday and Welcome!

various colored party balloons and ribbons

Happy Birthday!


Ruby W. July 03

Timothy F. July 05

Clara B.  July 07

Cecil B.   July 10

Florence N. July 11

Colin V.  July 11

Mary N. July 12

John R. July 14

Deanna L. July 15

Jerry H.  July 20

Michael H. July 20

Frances R. July 22

Diana M. July 30


Shana Wright Edge July 04

Tracy Clouse July 05

Levi Horn July 06

Tammy Bratcher   July 06

Tina Barnett July 12

Karen Adkins July 13

Regina Bishop July 14

Linda Stroup July 26

Jordan Board July 27

Cynthia Vance July 28

New Residents:

Lowell D.

Nancy F.

Martha G.

Nancy H.

Diana M.

Tabatha M.

Paul W.

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