Say Something Nice Day

group of older adults sitting on patio laughing with each other

Words are powerful, and people often remember how your words made them feel. When your kind words are sincere, others may tend to feel more comfortable around you, and you may be more likely to receive compliments! Saying nice things also has a ripple effect, and the people you uplift may be more likely to uplift others if their mood has been improved by your kind words. Ultimately, your small compliment can end up having a big impact! And if someone is having a bad day, saying something nice can potentially turn their entire day around. Once you start looking, you’ll find that there is plenty to compliment! Do you like someone’s shoes? Do they look fantastic in the color orange? Did they do a great job on a project? Do you just enjoy their presence? Let them know on June 1 – you can improve someone’s day, contribute to making the world a more cheerful place, and make yourself happier in the process.

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