World Radio Day

Even though we have many new and fun ways to communicate and be entertained, radio is still relevant and important in our daily lives. 92% of Americans 18 and older listen to the radio every week. Radio becomes more than entertainment in times of disaster, providing severe weather and traffic updates, bringing us news and letting us know our loved ones are safe.

In the early 1900s, Guglielmo Marconi beamed the first radio broadcast across the Atlantic. Nearly 30 years later, the Radio Corporation of America formed the first network, the National Broadcast Company (NBC) to broadcast the 1927 Rose Bowl game from Pasadena, CA. This revolutionized how local stations could share programming, sports, and news across the country within minutes.

Soon after, more radio stations popped up with serial programs like the “The Shadow” or “The Lone Ranger” and comedies like “The Abbott and Costello Show.”

On February 13, World Radio Day, tune in and enjoy your favorite radio programs and stations.

Or it’s a great day to listen to something new! Whether you listen to local or satellite stations there’s so much to choose: from classical to country to Top-40 pop music, to morning shows and NPR, sports, comedy, politics and culture, it’s an almost endless choice of information and entertainment.

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