March is Craft Month: Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts can be both exciting hobbies as well as money-makers. What’s better than to earn some money doing something you love?

There are as many variations of crafts as there are crafters; here are a few to consider:

Candle making: Do you love burning beautiful, scented candles? Lots of people do, and will gladly buy candles for themselves or as gifts. They especially love unique, handcrafted candles. This is one of the easier crafts to learn, and can be both fun and very profitable.

Beading: One of the arts and crafts that spans many cultures is that of beading. Beadworks can either be worn or displayed, and their popularity is continually growing. Beading can be overwhelming when starting out due to numerous techniques and patterns, but can also be very satisfying after time and practice.

Quilting: A craft that also qualifies as an art form, quilting is a method of stitching two layers of cloth with stuffing in between, while forming a decorative design. Quilting can be done by hand or machine. Handmade quilts are very popular because they are both gorgeous and functional. This is a potentially highly profitable craft.

Soap making: As we become more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals on our bodies, we often seek out organic alternatives. Soap is a great example of this. Make refreshing, homemade soaps, add your own unique fragrances and you might find your soap in high demand.

Flower pressing: Items made from pressed flowers make great gifts, and you can create amazing pieces of art and home décor items. This is one of the easier crafts to learn.

Crocheting: This is a craft that can be both satisfying and profitable. Better still, it can be done almost anywhere. Crochet products are popular and can make you a handsome side income.

Woodworking: This can be a highly profitable hobby, as woodcrafts can be both beautiful and functional. Specializing is advisable due to the overwhelmingly numerous styles and wood types.

Aim to pick a craft that you know you will enjoy, as opposed to one that makes most money!

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